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Blencoe Falls is accessible by The Kirrima Range Road. This road takes you on an adventure of changing environments.

It begins its winding journey in the foothills of the Kennedy Valley, where banana and cane plantations checker the landscape.  As you begin the ascent up the Kirrima Range Road, towering Rosegums, Quandongs, Silky Oaks and Kauri Pines create a broad, shady canopy above the ferns, cycads and orchids that line the dirt road.

Patches of thick rainforest, with creeping wait-a-while palms and figs, give way to more open areas with waterfalls and bridges that cross crystal-clear creeks, bubbling over the smooth, mossy rocks.

The Kirrima Range National Park is also home to many animal species including Mahogony Gliders, Possums, Southern Cassowaries, Emu’s, Honey-Eaters, King Parrots and Azure Kingfishers, as well as several species of rare frogs and pythons.

As you ascend the range, the air becomes cooler and the views across the Kennedy Valley and out to the Coral Sea are magnificent.  Towards the top, the landscape changes again, with heavier gum trees and drier, schloraphyl forest, dotted with huge boulders, kangaroos and cattle.

Upon reaching the camping area, you will come across Blencoe Creek, lined with grassy, shaded camp sites.  Enjoy a night (or more) in the cooler air, listening to the river bubbling its way towards Blencoe Falls.

6.6Km paste the camping area is Blencoe Falls lookout and the Herbert River Gorge.

Blencoe Falls drops 90 metres before it cascades a further 230 metres to the base of the base of the gorge. The Herbert River Gorge is equally impressive with its towering cliffs and dry, rugged ridges.

Take your time and enjoy this journey to Blencoe Falls, one of Australia’s best waterfalls!


Please allow 2-3 hours to get reach Blencoe Falls. Although the distance you need to travel is not the great, the Kirrama Range Road is windy and narrow in places. There are many lookouts to stop at along the way. We recommend allowing a full day to explore the area, or overnight camping.

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