Camping Options

Everyone enjoys camping and the outdoors….right? And North Queensland is home to some of the most spectacular, remote camping locations you will find! Beaches – check! Rainforest – check! Waterfalls – check! We have it all here!

Camping options for everyone! Here you will find a list of camping spots in and around the Cardwell, Hinchinbrook & Cassowary Coast areas. There is also a range of Camping Tours available.


FREE Camping Areas Cardwell Region

National Park Camping Areas Around Cardwell

Mission Beach

Low Cost Camping Areas Around Mission Beach

Dunk Island Camping – Mission Beach


FREE/Low Cost Camping Areas Ingham Region

National Park Camping Around Ingham

Guided Camping Tours – All Areas This link will take you to our “Adventure Page” please browse the tours until you find the camping tours. There are a few camping tours available in the area. Keep in mind that these camping tours are flexible and can be altered to meet your requirements! Just contact us to discuss this in more detail. View the camping tours below.

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Best Seasons:March – November
Popular Location:Blencoe Falls, Wallaman Falls, Murray Falls, Broadwater National Park, Hinchinbrook Island, Garden Island

Camping Options

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