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Cardwell’s Forest Drive is a scenic drive through the pine forest plantations. It is only 26Km but has many beautiful attractions along the way!

Cardwell Lookout is the fist attraction. It provides panoramic views of Cardwell township. Take the walking track to other lookouts and see the uninterrupted views of Hinchinbrook Island.

Upon leaving the Cardwell Lookout, you then make your way to Attie Creek Falls. There is a swimming area just below the car park, or take the walk to Attie Creek Falls. This was is a little difficult, but should only take you 15-20 minutes. It is worth the effort and Attie Creek Falls is simply stunning! You can swim at the base of the falls, and check out the stunning views!

Next stop is Dead Horse Creek! This creek has multiple swimming spots in the rock pools or for the more adventurous, take a wander up the creek! This is a beautiful rainforest walk and provides many more great swimming locations. Be prepared to get your feet wet! You could be immersed in this walk for hours just taking in the stunning natural scenery!

If this is not your thing, continue on to the famous Spa Pools! This is Cardwell’s most popular swimming location! The Spa Pools has turquoise water and a man made “spa” Perfect for families, this would have to be pretty close to paradise!

The Spa Pools has a table and a wood fire BBQ and a car parking area suitable for caravans.

We recommend spending at least 3 hours exploring Cardwell’s Forest Drive. This allows enough time to enjoy all of the locations, however, you could easily spend more time here!

Cardwell’s Forest Drive is not to be missed during your time in the area!


When you are on the Bruce Highway (Victoria Street) turn onto Brasenose Street. Keep following this street until it turns into dirt road. This is the beginning of the Forest Drive. Keep a lookout for the green forestry signs on your left hand side and follow these to all of the above mentioned locations. After the Spa Pools, continue along this road until you reach a T intersection. Turn right at this intersection (Ellerbeck Road). This will take you back to the Bruce Highway just North of Cardwell. OR, once you have been to the Spa Pools, you can simply turn around and head back the same way you came from.

Please Note!

These are all natural water holes. In our dry months (usually October to December) these waterholes have been known to dry up. Please contact us if you would like information on the status of the waterholes.

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