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  • Activity Level Extreme
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All about the Skydive.

This adventure tourism attraction offers tandem skydiving from Australia’s highest altitude of up to 14,000ft. Experience the ultimate thrill of freefall at over 200km/hr for up to an insane 60 seconds, and then float under canopy for 5-7 minutes soaking up the spectacular views from above.

Skydive with the best: best views, best locations, best customer service and the best instructors. You’re in safe skies with the Skydive Australia crew, so step outside your comfort zone and push personal boundaries with a skydive experience you’ll remember forever.

There is a range of additional products you can purchase.

Handicam Photos (50-80 images) $89

Handi Cam video $119

Handi Cam video and photos $129

Dedicated Photos (80-100 Images) $159

Dedicated Video (3-5mins) $179

Dedicated Video & Photo Package $199

Unlimited Video & Photo package (handicam and dedicated cam) $299


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