Hiking Transfers

Are you completing the Thorsborne Trail, The Dalrymple Gap Walking Track, or The Wet Tropics Great Walk? We have you covered!

We have ferries departing daily to the Thorsborne Trail & 4wd vehicles available for the transfer for the Dalrymple Gap Walking Track & The Wet Tropics Great Walk.

It doesn’t matter if you are starting from Cardwell or Lucinda. We have all areas covered for your transfer to the magnificent Thorsborne Trail! The most popular transfer option is The Complete Round Trip from Cardwell.

Before booking a transfer please make sure you have visited our Thorsborne Trail Page. This gives you all the information required to complete the trail.

No matter what your hiking adventure, we can get you there!

Check out our transfer options below, and feel free to contact us if you need to discuss these options further.


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Best Seasons:March – November
Popular Location:Thorsborne Trail, Wet Tropics Great Walk, Dalrymple Gap Walking Track, Zoe Bay, Ramsay Bay, Mulligan Falls


Various transfer options availble