Welcome to Hinchinbrook Island

Discover the wonder and magic of Cardwell and Hinchinbrook Island for your next holiday!

Hinchinbrook is renowned for its cloud-cloaked mountains, mysterious wetlands and pristine beaches as one of Australia’s largest National Park islands.

Hinchinbrook Island is just a boat ride away from Cardwell, with Hinchinbrook Cruises offering daily tours and transfers for hikers.

Discover Zoe Bay and the famous Zoe Falls, Ramsay Bay, George Point, the Haven and other local islands. And spot dugongs and estuarine crocodiles along the way and keep your eye out for the native Pied Imperial Pigeon.

The Thorsborne Trail is a must-do for those who love hiking, with the four-day trail covering all the landscapes Hinchinbrook Island has to offer.

Hinchinbrook Island and surrounding waters are also the resting place for several shipwrecks, including the sailing ship, the “Belle” which was revealed after several tonnes of sand was washed away in Ramsay Bay during  Cyclone Yasi in 2011.

World Heritage Scenery

Protected since 1932 it is one of Australia’s largest island national parks

Hinchinbrook Island National Park is within the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

The island’s often cloud-covered mountains host vegetations from rainforest and Australian native gums which descend to a mangrove-lined estuaries in the west and rocky headlands, sandy bays and beaches along the east coast — all of which attract visitors from all over the world.

Most popular with hikers and fisherman as well as families and photographers.

Must-do: Thorsborne Trail

Considered one of the best multi-day hikes in the world and top 10 in Australia.

Access to Hinchinbrook Island is by transfer operators or private vessel, launched from Cardwell or Lucinda.  Commercial transfer operators including Hinchinbrook Island Cruises transport hikers to both ends of the Thorsborne Trail.

Times of operation vary according to weather, tidal conditions (very tide dependant) and time of year.

Camping permits are required and only a maximum of 40 people are allowed on the island for the hike at one time.


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World Class Fishing

Barramundi Heaven

The estuaries of the Hinchinbrook Channel are home to world class fishing.  Particuarly for favourite trophy and eating species such a barramundi, mangrove jacks, King salmon and fingermark as well as trevally, queenfish and many more.

Whether it be casting the shallow channel flats or trolling the vast mangrove river and creek systems, the area has plenty to offer the avid fisherman.

Wildlife on Hinchinbrook

Abundant wildlife and diverse flora

Hinchinbrook is home to more than 19 mammal, 32 reptile and about 150 bird species.   Visitors are guaranteed to encounter Hinchinbrook’s wildlife in some way during their stay.

Around the island a diverse marine habitat including mangroves, fringing reefs and seagrass beds are also home to animals such as dolphins, dugongs, turtles and estuarine crocodiles.

“Welcome to Cardwell, Hinchinbrook Island and the Great Green Way!”