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The Wet Tropics Great Walk Transfer

from $600

Would you like to complete the Wet Tropics Great Walk?

Is completing the 4-6 day hike from Blencoe Falls – Wallaman Falls always been on your bucket list? We have made it even easier to make this happen with our transfer package! Catering for 1-6 people, grab a group of friends and set off for an adventure of a lifetime!


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    All about the The Wet Tropics Great Walk Transfer.

    This price is for walkers starting at Blencoe Falls, and being picked up from either Wallaman Falls, Henrietta  Gate pick up area or Yaminie Pick up point. We will then return you back to Cardwell.

    Due to the distance that is required to travel by vehicle, we have made this transfer a flat rate. The 4WD vehicle can carry up to 6 people.

    $600 flat rate (Complete Round Trip)


    This walk has three different pick up points.

    Route 1: Blencoe Falls to Yamanie Pick Up point. This is recommended to be completed in 3 days hiking.

    Route 2:  Blencoe Falls to Henrietta Gate pick up. This is recommended to be completed in  4 days hiking

    Rout 3: Blencoe Falls to Wallaman Falls. This is recommended to be completed in 6 days hiking. When hiking this route, there is no need to go to the Henrietta Gate pick up area. If you wish to go there, you will need to allow extra time.

    Please note, when planning this hike, the track notes and the map are in two sections. The first is the “Juwun Walk” (Blencoe Falls to Yamanie pick up).  The second Section is the Wallaman Falls section. The notes are written from the Wallaman Falls end of the trail, so they have to be reversed if completing the entire walk.

    Blencoe Falls section track notes and map.

    Route 1: Please click HERE for the track notes from Blencoe Falls – Yaminie Pick Up location “Juwun Walk”

    Click HERE for the printable map of the Blencoe Falls – Yamanie Pick Up location.

    Wallaman Fall Section track notes and map.

    Route 2 & 3: Click HERE for the Wallaman Falls – Yamanie Pick Up Location. (Remember, the track notes have been reversed for the Wallaman Falls section!)

    Click HERE for the Wallaman Falls section of the map

    Camping Permits

    Please click HERE for the link to Qld National Parks website to book your camping permits.